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3 Problems You Can’t Overlook When Choosing a Dog Walk

We had a unique opportunity to really compare the EMMCO SPORT Dog Walk, side-by-side in our shop, with another manufacturer’s product while working on a refurbish project for one of our customers and we were struck by what we found and thought it would be helpful to share our findings with you.


Dog Walk Comparison

Dog Walk Comparison

The main problems we found where:

  • Significant flexing
  • Exaggerated twisting
  • Unwanted bounce and movement

We found that some manufacturers use bleacher planks as the basis of their construction. This may seem like a good approach until you realize that bleachers are made to be supported at regular intervals and not made to be unsupported for a 12′ span (the normal length of a dog walk plank). The width of a bleacher plank is also on the narrow side. The product we saw was only 11 1/4″ wide. In competition grade equipment the planks should be closer to 12″ wide. A wider plank on the bleacher structures would only have provided even more instability.

EMMCO SPORT Dog Walk Plank

EMMCO SPORT Dog Walk Plank

Our products are manufactured from scratch and we use strong tubular aluminum to create the supportive structure and then apply aluminum sheet metal followed by fully rubberizing the contact surface. This really makes a difference! In the video, you will see for yourself the dramatic contrast. The difference boils down to one word stability. Please take a look at the video and decide for yourself. Information is key!

Click below to view the video:

Dog Walk comparison and feature characteristics – Medium

If you have any questions, please let us know. Run Happy!!!