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What is a Contact Trainer and how can it be used?

Contact Trainer – YouTube.  We hope you will like learning about contact trainers and seeing how much enthusiasm Patch has helping around the shop! Find the contact trainer at : Trainer


Do you need help training your dog on the See Saw? The TipAssisT could be the answer!

The See Saw/Teeter obstacle in dog agility can be very intimidating for some dogs and a bad experience or the wrong type of introduction can delay your progress significantly.

TipAssisT and See Saw

The TipAssist aids with Teeter/See Saw training.  We know how challenging this obstacle can be for many dogs and the TipAssist is a significant break through. The TipAssisT is used to train dogs to achieve confidence, improve speed and develop independence on the Teeter or SeeSaw.  It was developed by Lynne Stephens of Doglogic Canine Education of Statesville, NC in cooperation with Emmco Sport. This product will help your dog to improve:

(1) running though the tipping point to the very end of the see saw

(2) staying on the see saw right to the ground

(3) 4 on or 2 on 2 off ending position. It is built for stability and ease of use.

The cushioned bar also reduces noise. It is easy to change the TipAssist height and measure milestones in training. It stores easily and can be transported for use in different venues. It also includes an instructional video featuring Lynne Stephens’ training techniques that will help every step of the way.

 Lynne Stephens of Doglogic Training has some terrific training tips and insights. Please take a look at what she has to say. We know you will find this information to be very helpful.


Bad Dog Agility also address this issue using the TipAssisT

TipAssisT Introduction video 

Blue TipAssisT

Run Happy!