Are you puzzled by the new 2014 USDAA Jump Heights?

For 2014 the USDAA will add 14″ and 18″ jump heights. This is how we incorporated them into our spread and extended spread jumps.

USDAA 2014 Jump


The complication is in setting the jump spread for each jump height.  The USDAA allows for a range in the spread distance.  In general, for dogs jumping 18″ and higher the jump spread can be 12-15 inches while dogs jumping 16″ and lower have a spread of 10-12 inches.  In addition the larger dogs have a parallel jump while the smaller dogs have an ascending jump.  The simplest solution is that all dogs jump a 12 inch spread.




We have incorporated different spreads within the range for each jump height.  By doing so smaller dogs will jump a narrower spread while larger dogs will jump a wider spread. You can see that the 18, 22, and 26 jump heights all have a different spread.

Likewise the extended spread, which is ascending for all dogs, has a range of 20 to 24 inches of spread for the larger dogs.  The smaller dogs all jump a 12 inch spread.  Again we worked within the range such that only the 26 inch dogs jump a 24 inch spread while the 18 inch dogs will jump at 20 inches.





Finally we make our jumps convertible to a single jump so that in competition the jumps do not need to be replaced for the performance division.  We also provide a version of each jump that does not convert.



See our USDAA 2014 Jumps:

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One thought on “Are you puzzled by the new 2014 USDAA Jump Heights?

  1. Brandi Hegerty

    This is really interesting to me, I enjoy watching dog competitions on tv and it’s amazing what these animals can do. I happen to have a mini doxie who isn’t supposed to jump off of things but she still does. :-) Drives me nuts. Nice blog!


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