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Are you puzzled by the new 2014 USDAA Jump Heights?

For 2014 the USDAA will add 14″ and 18″ jump heights. This is how we incorporated them into our spread and extended spread jumps.

USDAA 2014 Jump


The complication is in setting the jump spread for each jump height.  The USDAA allows for a range in the spread distance.  In general, for dogs jumping 18″ and higher the jump spread can be 12-15 inches while dogs jumping 16″ and lower have a spread of 10-12 inches.  In addition the larger dogs have a parallel jump while the smaller dogs have an ascending jump.  The simplest solution is that all dogs jump a 12 inch spread.




We have incorporated different spreads within the range for each jump height.  By doing so smaller dogs will jump a narrower spread while larger dogs will jump a wider spread. You can see that the 18, 22, and 26 jump heights all have a different spread.

Likewise the extended spread, which is ascending for all dogs, has a range of 20 to 24 inches of spread for the larger dogs.  The smaller dogs all jump a 12 inch spread.  Again we worked within the range such that only the 26 inch dogs jump a 24 inch spread while the 18 inch dogs will jump at 20 inches.





Finally we make our jumps convertible to a single jump so that in competition the jumps do not need to be replaced for the performance division.  We also provide a version of each jump that does not convert.



See our USDAA 2014 Jumps: http://shop.emmcosport.com/USDAA-Equipment_c4.htm

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What qualities do you look for in Single Jumps? Our new jumps use Plastic Connectors.

New Jump with Patch and Dad

New Jump with Patch and Dad

Single Jump tripod side

Single Jump tripod side

Single Jump Footed side

Single Jump Footed side

Single Jump Foot

Single Jump Foot

Single Jump center bar and foot

Single Jump center bar and foot

New Single Jump fully assembled

New Single Jump fully assembled

There are many discussions and points of view about jumps and what they should include or exclude. The top of the list should always be safety for the agility team members (you and your dog). It’s important that when a dog or person come in contact with the jump that the component parts fall away dismantling the structure. We also feel that the lighter in weight the materials, that the jumps are made of, the more likely they are to fall out of the way. Our jumps only weigh 4 lbs. Some PVC jumps are very heavy and rigid and can present just as many issues as the older model jumps made from steel. Being light weight is also an advantage when it is time to move the jumps to create a new course, store or transport. It is also important that the exposed ends have plastic end caps creating a blunt end. Plastic jump cup strips are practical and provide a soft impact when brushed up against or when contact occurs. Some agility enthusiasts also feel that the bottom bar is unnecessary. If you feel this way we also offer free standing single jumps that will fit your need.

Click here to see the videos:


 New Single Jumps and Patch 

What dog agility equipment do I need to get started?

So you have an active and smart dog and your thinking about trying dog agility. After you make sure with your veterinarian that your dog can participate in dog sports and you have looked for a local dog club or facility and dog agility trainers, you probably want to be able to practice in your own yard. Most starter kits consist of a jump and some related paraphernalia that really doesn’t get you positioned to start sequencing patterns or addressing focused behavior.

patch small

It’s best for you and your dog to get comfortable with the distinct types of agility equipment.  Two of the major categories of equipment are jumps of varying types and contact obstacles such as the teeter/see saw, dog walk, …etc. We feel that starting with 3 single jumps and a travel plank can be very beneficial. And here’s why:

Starter Short Jumps Sequence    (click here to see video)

 (1)You can learn to perform basic jump sequences with 3 single jumps and get into a flow of action. As you progress with the single jumps we offer, you can nest the single jumps (because they are tripods) and they can be used as more advanced double or triple jumps. 


 (2) We use height indicated plastic jump cup strips that the jump bars are placed in. This assures, for safety reasons, that the bar will be displaced if it is hit while your dog is performing a jump. The jump height of the bar can be adjusted alone the marked plastic jump cup strips. We also use plastic end caps for added safety. 

Patch practicing contacts on Travel Plank    Puppy introduced to contact surface

Travel Plank used on vehicle tailgate

Travel Plank used on vehicle tailgate

(3) The travel plank helps your dog become accustom to contact agility equipment with rubberized surfaces. The travel plank we offer is as wide as a dog walk plank, but only 4 feet long. It can be elevated on one to simulate the feel of the contact zone on a dog walk and is a great way to practice 2 on 2 off. But on our travel plank that’s only the beginning! The travel plank can be placed on the ground (legs folded away under the plank) and it can be used to introduce your dog to the movement of a teeter/see saw or for balance practice and conditioning. There is a tube on the underside of the plank that acts as a fulcrum permitting the plank to make a small up & down movement and recreating the sound of the teeter as the end hits the ground. This is something many dogs need to get accustom to and the teeter/see saw is the only piece of agility equipment that actually moves. Establishing confidence early on is important. See our product page:  http://shop.emmcosport.com/Starter-Set-starter.htm

Patch with Essentials Starter Set - 3 Single Jumps with a Travel Plank

Patch with Essentials Starter Set – 3 Single Jumps with a Travel Plank


We offer this equipment as a starter kit, but we do not compromise on quality or durability. These jumps can be used at any level and the travel plank is great for practicing contacts on-the-go, in between classes or on the road. The travel plank only weights 12 lbs! With a modest start, you will be set to have fun and progress in your training. See our product videos: