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Single EZ fold jump with new assembly at Lap it Up 5-2012

Agility Trainers You Are Going to Want to Know More About

Single EZ fold jump with new assembly at Lap it Up 5-2012

When you find an agility trainer that can improve your team performance and home in on a problem you just can’t seem to over come, it can be life altering! We asked agility enthusiasts from all over the country to share with us the names and locations of Great Agility Trainers and these are the responses we received. We have grouped them by state. It is by no means a complete list, but it’s very current and could be helpful! If you would like to add anyone else to our list, just leave the info in a comment below and we will be happy to update our info.

We are going to add these trainers and any links we have to our Blog List (lower right hand column) “GREAT AGILITY TRAINERS” and if you have anything to add, just let us know and we would be glad to include it. Take a look and see!  And always remember -Run Happy!

Christina Tracey


Info from: Deborah Davidson Harpur Rachel Sanders in Atascadero, CA fastforwarddogsports.com  http://fastforwarddogsports.com/about/

Info from: Jody Dushkes Barbara Mah [ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barbara.mah.3?fref=ts ] of Stars and Stripes in Chino, CA is one of the best! I trained with 3 other agility handlers before her and she is soooo much better. She keeps up on all the latest methods by going to seminars, and taking a monthly class herself. She not only teaches you agility, but really teaches you how to handle, and is able to work with many different breeds (she runs Pembroke Welsh Corgis herself)


Info from: Ariane M. Bailey “Mary Champagne” (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mary.champagne.98 )   “of The Agility Facility with several training locations in Connecticut.”

Agility classes from Foundations to Masters level handling are offered with both day and evening availability. Workshops and private lessons are also available Starting in May, spring/summer classes will be offered in Portland and Colchester
Info from: Shari King, “Terri Cesarek in CT”
Info from:  Martha Ruskai  “Ann Camp you need to add your CT trainer to this list”


Info from:  Pam Vojtas  “Annette Alfonso here in So Fl is without a doubt the best on the planet – she is not only a world class handler, she is also a wonderfully intuitive instructor of both humans and dogs. And she has a wicked sense of humor and is always smiling!”

Info from: Peggy Leach “Ditto what Pam Vojtas said. Annette Alfonso in S. Florida!!”

Info from: Nancy Atkins “Annette Alfonso is the best of the best! Pam Vojtas said it perfectly.”

Info from: Christine Borak  “Achieve Agility : Anette has helped Kayla and I through soon problem spots Kayla is now perfect on her weaves. She gives you lots of input so you can improve”

Info from: Nancy Atkins “Annette Alfonso is the best of the best! Pam Vojtas said it perfectly.”

Annette Alfonso on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/annette.alfonso.1

She works at Achieve Agility Miami, Florida  http://achieveagility.com/

Info from: Cynthia LeBouef Stone: “Holly Blakney, Dog Training Academy (web site: http://www.Prodogtraining.com ) in Davie, Florida” (Dog Training Academy of South Florida on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DogTrainingAcademyofSouthFlorida?fref=ts )  “-Annette Alfonso, Achieve Agility, South Florida (she has a couple of locations)” See info above.   “/Karen Holik [ https://www.facebook.com/karen.holik?fref=ts ], On Course Agility [On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnCourseAgility?fref=ts ](trains at various locations)”

Info from: Deborah Broadrick “Mindy Lytle”  Facebook for Mindy Lytle:  https://www.facebook.com/mindy.lytle.1



Info from: Terry Herman  “Bridget McKnight & Dogstar Performance Sports, Hanover, MD”

Info from:  Sheila Franklin “I second Bridget Thomas and Dogstar!”
Website: http://dogstar-agility.com/dogstar/


Dogstar is a place for dogs and their people! What started out as one girl teaching dog agility classes in barns and yards in the cold, rain and heat has now expanded to a new building complete with sprint turf, many weekly agility classes, lessons and much more. K9 Nose Work is our newest addition…

On Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/dogstaragility

Dog Star Performance Dog Sports, Gamber, MD website: http://dogstar-agility.com/dogstar/


Info from: Sherry Holm “And I do have to mention Annie Pyle who teaches at Clean Run in MA! She is awesome!” On Clean Run: http://cleanrun.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=page.display&page_id=120

Info from:  Sue Usher   “we are blessed in the NE area with many great instructors. Annie Pyle at Clean Run, Betty Belliveau at Collinswood Canine Services. Amanda Shyne, and Laura Dolan all in Massachusetts..”

New Jersey

Info from: Amy Smith “Chris Ott and Frankie Joiris from Speedoggie in new jersey!!!!” On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Speedoggie/108156345937264?fref=ts

Doglogic Sign

North Carolina

Info from: Kathryn Milam “Lynne Stephens and Karen Meikle at Dog Logic, Statesville, NC!!”   Web site: http://www.doglogictraining.com                         Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DogLogicTraining?fref=ts

Info from: Jenn Cannon “Lynne Stephens and Karen Meikle at Dog Logic, Statesville, NC” See info above.

Info from: Sherry Holm “Lynn Stevens of Doglogic in Statesville, NC! See info above”.

Info from: Sallie Lau Nelson “Have to agree, Doglogic in Statesville, NC, with Lynne and Karen. They are great”. See info above.

Doglogic, Statesville, NC




Info from: Judy Chaet  “Susan Wilson, A Good Dog’s Life, Asheville NC” http://www.agooddogslife.com

Info from:  Kathryn Lynn Kokiko   ” Vanessa Mortarino in Raleigh, NC. Simply the best! Provides classes and private lessons at Lap It Up in Durham, NC. Brings in the best for seminars… Rosanne Demascio, Daisy Peel and Linda Mecklenberg. So fortunate to have her in our area!”

Info from:  Ashley A   “You should add Tracy Hirsch who owns Airbourne Agility and teaches at Dog Fun Forever in Durham, NC as well as at Teamworks dog training in Youngsville, NC. She is amazing, has tons of competitive and training experience. She is intuitive about what you and your dog need, is encouraging and is positive to be around. Natalie Lewis Mauchmar is also an amazing instructor who teaches at the same two facilities. Natalie has tons of experience and knowledge about everything from trick training and puppy foundations to rock solid contacts and weaves, these two are amazing. Definitely some of my favorite instructors in NC!”


Lynn Brodie, Creekside Canines, Kernersville, NC

Lynn & Cirque at the end of a run at Vero Beach, FL

Info from:   Jane Hefner Brightwell   “Absolutely add Lynn Brodie trainer & owner of Creekside Canines. Located in Kernersville NC she has both an indoor facility and a wonderful outside field fully equipped for her students. She also periodically brings in world class agility trainers for special seminars. She is a full time professional trainer that is serious about her work & deserves to make the list. Thank you”

Website: http://www.creeksidecanines.com/about.html


Info from:  Tammy Fannin Cearley  “Please add Lynn Brodie, of Creekside Canines in Kernersville, NC to your Agility Trainers list…absolutely AMAZING!”

Info from:  Arlene Prouty   “Add Mike Masters of Masterpeace in Franklin”



K9JYM Colmar, PA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/K9JYM/info


South Carolina

Info from: Renee Pomatto Owens “Lori Willimont Duncan and SCoot Dog Agility, Charleston, SC”

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SCoot-Dog-Agility/121339664561637?fref=ts                                                                               Web site: http://www.simplesite.com/scootdogagility


Info from: Andrea Hoffmann “Nancy Walker, Leaps and Bounds Agility, Nashville, TN” http://www.landbdogagility.com/


Welcome to Leaps & Bounds Dog Agility! Leaps and Bounds is the largest dog agility training school in middle Tennessee. We are dedicated to the sport of agility and the respectful treatment of our canine companions. We offer all levels of agility from complete beginners who want to have fun with the…


Info from: Helen Burrows “Elaine Coupa with www.memphisagility.com ”


Info from: Shari Degan “Elizabeth Evans [Facebook https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.evans.1004 ] of Best Friends Fun Farm, McKinney, TX”     Web site: http://www.bestfriendsagility.com/Home.html

Info from: Dagmar Fertl “Elizabeth Evans and the other instructors at Best Friends Fun Farm in McKinney, TX”. See info above.

CM Streek Agility Training Center

Becky Taylor Lord “Terry Dyck is the trainer/owner of CMS Streek, in Frankston, Texas”    On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CM-Streek-Agility-Training-Center-Inc/178183348867323    Web site: http://www.cmstreek.com

 Travel Plank


Info from: Kathy Devlin “Melissa Frye” [http://www.mfrye.com] On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyrocket.melissa “in Arlington, VA should be included on your list of favorite agility instructors. She teaches at Woofs!”
Info from: Sue Diveley “Marie Tripton, Richmond, VA” [ On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/marie.tripton ]
Info from: Christine Ouellette “Laurie Williams at Pup N Iron Stafford, Va.” [On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pup-N-Iron-Canine-Fitness-Learning-Center/58910207094?fref=ts
All Dog Adventures
Fun with Agility
All Dog Adventures, LLC Richmond, VA


Info from: Marty Abair  “Cassy Lamothe at Show Me the Biscuit in Williston, VT. I’d never be where I am today with my dogs without her!”

Amy Haskell is an approved AKC CGC Evaluator

On Facebook Show Me The Biscuit! https://www.facebook.com/showmethebiscuit?fref=ts

Show Me The Biscuit! website http://www.showmethebiscuit.com


Info from: Michelle Richards Metzner “Jeff Riedl at K9 Corps Agility- Greenville WI” On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/K9corps/info Web site: http://k9corps.org

Great Britain 

Paws On Dog Training & Agility

Info from: Ashley Peach     http://www.pawsondogtraining.co.uk

3 Problems You Can’t Overlook When Choosing a Dog Walk

We had a unique opportunity to really compare the EMMCO SPORT Dog Walk, side-by-side in our shop, with another manufacturer’s product while working on a refurbish project for one of our customers and we were struck by what we found and thought it would be helpful to share our findings with you.


Dog Walk Comparison

Dog Walk Comparison

The main problems we found where:

  • Significant flexing
  • Exaggerated twisting
  • Unwanted bounce and movement

We found that some manufacturers use bleacher planks as the basis of their construction. This may seem like a good approach until you realize that bleachers are made to be supported at regular intervals and not made to be unsupported for a 12′ span (the normal length of a dog walk plank). The width of a bleacher plank is also on the narrow side. The product we saw was only 11 1/4″ wide. In competition grade equipment the planks should be closer to 12″ wide. A wider plank on the bleacher structures would only have provided even more instability.

EMMCO SPORT Dog Walk Plank

EMMCO SPORT Dog Walk Plank

Our products are manufactured from scratch and we use strong tubular aluminum to create the supportive structure and then apply aluminum sheet metal followed by fully rubberizing the contact surface. This really makes a difference! In the video, you will see for yourself the dramatic contrast. The difference boils down to one word stability. Please take a look at the video and decide for yourself. Information is key!

Click below to view the video:

Dog Walk comparison and feature characteristics – Medium

If you have any questions, please let us know. Run Happy!!!

Do you know the origin of the rubber used on your contact equipment?

Poodle on Aframe Lap it Up

It’s important to know where the rubber on your contacts comes from. Some rubber granules manufacturers, outside of the USA, are not as stringent about making certain that foreign bodies and unwanted chemical additives are not included in or with their rubber granules. This really matters! You don’t want your dogs exposed to contaminants. Always make sure that the products you use or your agility equipment provider uses are made in the USA. The products we use are manufactured here and are also used for children’s play grounds, sports tracks and around swimming pools to improve safety and performance.

“Some agility clubs are  also using recycled crumb rubber and painting it.   That rubber has metal and fiber and claims to be 99% metal free.   Thus if you do the match backwards and say 200 lbs of rubber is used on a set of equipment … then at least two pounds of fine thread like metal is on that surface for the animals to step on, just as if we stepped on a needle.   And not to mention what oils and such the old tires had driven across and  held onto.   They don’t wash the tires prior to recycling them. TPV is a virgin material designed for athletics and my opinion is the 4 legged kind deserve the same surface. ”   Rochelle Bagwell, American Recycling Center

The colored rubber granules we use, for indoor and outdoor safety surfaces on the equipment we manufacture, have  superior UV stability.  Our canine athletes deserve the same quality products that human athletes train on everyday. The materials and binders that we use give our agility equipment the best results.  Our supplier provides us with rubber granules that are free from wire, fiber, plastic, wood, and other undesirable contaminants. Our surfaces comply with the standards adopted by the AKC, CPE, NADAC, UKI and USDAA.

American Recycling Center, Inc.,  Premium Rubber Comparison    Traditional rubber safety surfaces in the past were installed using EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer).  Depending on the manufacture at the time, including those manufactures that are no longer in business today.  There was a wide range of products in the market place that ranged from top quality (produced in a plant with rigid quality standards), to those that made a product that were labeled  “Just good enough”.   These sub standard products had numerous failures, color lot issues, and even pigment releasing.  In addition to that,  EPDM rubber granules were often formulated with sulphur, clay fillers, plasticizers and heavy metals such as Zinc.   Polymer content had been reduced as low as to include only 16% of its actual name sake EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer).  

American Recycling Center, Inc.  with a synergy from Rosehill Polymers in the UK has made some strategic decisions to change the quality of colored rubber offerings in North America and to utilize the advancements in technology to do so.

The advancement of premium colored rubber has been branded TPV, named after the technology  that was utilized in it’s .   Starting off with no less that 22-24 % polymer, this TPV colored rubber that is essentially a cousin to EPDM in the elastomer arena filled the quality gap that was missing in the safety surface materials.  These TPV elastomers are the high-performance elastomers that combine the best attributes of vulcanized rubber – such as flexibility and low compression set – with the processing ease of thermoplastics.  This process as well is the solution to the color range issues that have always been an ongoing issue with traditional EPDMs.   

When comparing colored rubber in the safety surface industry, make sure to clarify the source of their materials.  Currently there is only one TPV that has been tested and proven by top installers of running tracks and playgrounds.

Here’s an other real note of caution. If you are either recovering an existing contact surface or creating a new one yourself, please make certain the specifications you use for contact zones are up-to-date and clearly defined. Check online with the sanctioning body or bodies you and your dog compete in to make sure you get current specs. It’s very disappointing to work so hard to rubberize a large contact surface such as a Dog Walk or A-Frame and find out later that your source material was OUT OF DATE! So please use caution and always double check! 

If you use our U-Do-It kits or any other rubberizing kits, please always make sure the plastic bags you mix the rubber and binder in are securely closed and locked to permit you to completely mix the 2 ingredients together. It’s also a good added safety step to fold over the end of the plastic bag (with the opening), for added insurance that it stays closed as you mix the ingredients together. A fact to remember is that the binder is moisture cured and the amount of moisture in the air will determine the length of time it takes to setup. One additional caution, NEVER try to do this without using rubber gloves. The ratio of binder to rubber granules is very, very important. If not exactly proportioned the surface will be shiny and not provide the traction needed on these surfaces.

Remember rubber really matters!

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are always glad to help.



Rubberized Dog Walk Plank with Rubber Slats

Rubberized Dog Walk Plank with Rubber Slats


Dog Walk Version 3 – Characteristics To Look For in a DW

http://shop.emmcosport.com/Dog-Walk-D… The Emmco Sport all aluminum dog walk has the following features:

▪ Our dog walk converts from 4′ to 2′ height for training.

▪ The light weight, all aluminum construction never rusts.

▪ The no maintenance powder coat finish will retain its color for years.

▪ The rubberized contact surface provides grip and comfort.

▪ The 12′ planks are rigid yet light with no unwanted flex or bounce.

▪ Easy set up or break down in just a few minutes by one or two people.

Dog Walk Version 3 – YouTube.